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Phantom Miro 320s

The Phantom Miro M320S symbolizes the state of art in the High Speed Cinematography nowadays. It is a strong, lightweight camera capable of shooting up to 1600 frames per second in 2K (uncompressed CineRaw files) and up to over 3000 frames per second in 720p. Its 2-megapixel CMOS sensor and its 3.2 gigapixels per second band allows to capture high quality images with the excellent 12-bit colour depth, offering maximum flexibility in colour grading, without compromise. It allows to capture what the human eye is not able to see.
The Phantom Miro M320S is equipped with adaptors for film lenses (PL mount) or Nikon and Canon lenses.
The Phantom Miro can be used in any situation by simply using the RCU unit control, which acts as a monitor and a totally integrated system control, thus keeping the camera free from any external connection with computers or hard disks (indeed, the Phantom Miro has an ultrafast removable inner memory with 64 gb capacity).